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Whoa Podcast About Horses Horsemanship

Jul 25, 2017

Horse Summit Tackles How Horses Think

Why do we need a horse summit to learn how they think?  Well, consider any relationship.  The more you know what the other side needs and how they operate, the more you can build the relationship through those needs.  Science has made huge strides in learning what actually goes on in a horse's brain.  It's not anecdotal.  It's evidence based.  Dr. Stephen Peters is a neuroscientist working on the science of how horses think, feel, and learn.

Horse summitDr. Stephen Peters is a neuroscientist working on the science of how horses think, feel, and learn.  Dr. Peters teamed up with the famed horse trainer, Martin Black, and together wrote the book Evidence-Based Horsemanship.  Back in May of 2014, we interview Martin Black about the book and you can hear it here.  The theories Dr. Peters investigates are gaining acceptance throughout the horse industry.

Maddy Butcher is the founder and editor of many equine related websites including Best Horse Practices-dot-com and HorseHead-dot-info.  She sees real merit in theories of evidence-based horsemanship and, through her Best Horses Practices website, is producing the Best Horse Practices Summit.  The horse summit will be in Durango, Colorado, October 8-10 and will feature both academic speakers and horse trainers and behaviorists.

Maddy Butcher calls the horse summit a "TED talk for horse owners".  “We wanted to offer something to horse owners and riders valuable to their interactions, and ideally improve the lives of horses,” she said.

Ranae and I are working on plans to attend the horse summit.  While Durango, Co is quite a distance from our home, we think the principles and techniques we learn will make a lasting contribution to our horsemanship knowledge.

You can register for the Best Horse Practices Horse Summit here.  If you register before August 1, you will not only save money, you will be entered into a drawing for highest quality wool felt saddle pad from 5 Star Equine Products!