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May 9, 2017

Jeremy Dunn

Jeremy Dunn and the Broken Arrow Ranch

Jeremy Dunn is a rancher, horse trainer, knife builder, reata braider, and has quite a few more skills developed from a life on the ranch.  And, he really enjoys backcountry camping and would like to teach more people how to access the wilderness with their horses.

Many of you know I competed as a rookie in the Vaquero Heritage Trainers Challenge with a horse named Scratch.  One of the judges and organizers of that event was Jeremy Dunn.  Over the course of the competition, we became friends with Jeremy, his wife Brandie and their two children Sage and Steele.  The Dunns live on a remote ranch, the Broken Arrow, in Rosamond bordered on three sides by the mighty Tejon Ranch.  They raise cattle, chickens, a milk cow, have a garden and live the ranch life.  Jeremy trains outside horses and Brandie offers clinics on homemade cheese making.

I learned a lot from Jeremy about horsemanship during the Trainers Challenge and even more afterward.  He impressed upon me the fact that horses need a job.  His clinics are designed to measure the ability of horse and rider and improve from there.

We talk about ranching, horses, and knife making.  Jeremy Dunn and I have teamed up to host a clinic this May.  It is a morning of instruction and an afternoon of trail riding.  We want people to learn then immediately put what they learn into practice.

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