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Whoa Podcast About Horses Horsemanship

Jan 15, 2013

What if there were a colt starting competition that wasn't really a competition? What if there were 20 of the best horsemen/women from around the world who got together to start colts just like they would if they were on their own ranch? What if YOU could watch close up and personal?

On this week's show we speak with Martin Black, one of the producers of The Horsemen's Re-Union where these "What if's" turn into reality.  Martin tells us about this unique competition going on April 15th-20th on the Central Coast of California at the Mid-State Fairgrounds in Paso Robles.  You can see some of your favorite horsemen and clinicians start two colts each over a five day period.  You get to see how colt starting was meant to be.

Included in the event are a concert and dinner loaded with lots of entertainment.

The are a wide variety of ticket packages available.  For tickets and more information check out the Horsemen's Reunion website and you can find them on Facebook to get updates on the schedule.

To learn more about Martin Black visit


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