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Aug 25, 2020

Working Cowboy - Lane Selz

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a working cowboy in 2020?  My friend, Lane Selz, day-works for several ranches in the area.  He describes life in today's ranching world.

When I first met Lane, he was still in high school.  He was so good at riding bulls in high school, he earned his permit to ride in PRCA.  From there, Lane spent a few years riding on the professional circuit, traveling to rodeos across the country.  Lane returned to Bakersfield, CA to open up his own farrier service business after working for several prominent farriers locally, including Ernest Forsberg and Sean McRoberts.

But Lane grew up wanting to be a cowboy.  In Central California, where we both live, there are several big ranches.  Lane contracts with many of them as a day-worker.  When the ranch needs extra help, they call in day-working cowboys. As extra help, Lane never knows what job he might get for the day.  It could be sorting, branding, or gathering.  It's not a total mystery, Lane can usually predict what work needs done by the time of the year.  They may brand in the fall, calve in the spring, etc.

I talked to Lane about what it's like for today's working cowboy in California.

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Episode #174

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